After Bigg Boss, they were in a huge depression..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
After bigg boss, they were in a huge depression..!?

Bigg Boss season 7 show ended recently. archana became the wild card winner like never before and became the title winner. Mani got 2nd position and maya got 3rd position. Just like the previous seasons, this season is full of excitement and controversies. Many incidents have turned into controversy, starting with pradeep being given a red card. kamal haasan has been criticized more than ever this season. In Kamal's weekend episodes, he was also accused of favoring Maya. The bigg boss show gets rave reviews for some and negative reviews for some. Aishu was evicted with negative reviews. Some of her actions involving Nixen, doing some actions with Maya, and Poornima, talking nicely to Pradeep, and giving a red card against him got her into many controversies. And Nixon's behavior towards Aishu made the viewers cringe.
Aishu had issued a statement apologizing for her actions after her exit from Bigg Boss. Recently, Aishu gave an interview to a popular YouTube channel. Even in that, she didn't talk about Nixen. In this situation, Aishu's father Ashraf has given an interview to a popular YouTube channel. He said, "When Aisha got the chance to participate in bigg boss, he prevented it as much as possible. He told Aishu not to go to the bigg boss show. But she didn't listen to him.
Their family is active on Instagram. Aishu and Aleena will post dance videos. He will also post positive stories. But he never saw any negative comments till the bigg boss show. After the bigg boss show, he went through a huge depression. Their family has been severely affected. So many negative comments are coming. They make nasty comments about competitors. So seriously, don't comment with venom. He is not saying this because his daughter posted a negative comment. No one should do this, he said.
Talking about the apology letter published by Aishu, he said, “he did not force Aishu to publish the apology letter. Many people said that he forced Aishu to publish. But he didn't do that. It was a letter written by Aishu. After taking a break for a while, Aishu deleted the letter. "Aishu wrote that letter out of regret," he said. He answered the question of who is his favorite contestant on bigg boss as Vishnu. And talking about Pradeep, he said, “Pradeep is a great person. It was reported that he will be re-entering the bigg boss house as a wild card. Then he spoke to Pradeep. He told to take care of his daughter if pradeep goes into the bigg boss house. But he felt sad that he posted it on his twitter page. Many criticized him for that. Ashraf did not speak anything with pradeep after that.

He further said that even if all the doors are closed for Aishu, he will be the person who will open a new door for her. She should forget what happened in the bigg boss show and engage in the next work with positive thoughts.

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