Bigg Boss contestant who showed upper-class arrogance..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Bigg Boss contestant who showed upper-class arrogance..!?
 Only two days left for the Biggboss show to end. In that way, ananya, who has come as a guest, has created a controversy. She shows her upper-class arrogance now and then showing her head as if some mother-in-law is coming home. A video of one of Maya's slaves, ananya lamenting inside the bigg boss house to find her jewel is going viral. In it, she publicly accused the delivery boy of taking her jewelry. Hearing that, maya asks if the jewel is very expensive. To which she says that it is not her jewel but belongs to others. As this video is now going viral, ananya has come under heavy criticism.
The job of people like ananya is to blame the working class without knowing what it is. Through this, her rich arrogance is revealed. The audience is giving negative comments as to who called you to this house.
All Biggboss fans are waiting to see who will be the winner in the coming weekend. It is said it could be maya or Archana. Many fans did not like maya winning the trophy as she was the head of the so-called bully gang. Let's wait and see.

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