Bigg Boss Pradeep introduced his girlfriend for the first time..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Bigg Boss pradeep introduced his girlfriend for the first time..!?
Pradeep Antony, who was evicted from bigg boss with a red card, has introduced his girlfriend. pradeep Antony is famous for acting in films like Aruvi, Yazh, and Dada. The bigg boss program has earned him a name and fame that he did not get in the cinema in a single month. pradeep participated as a contestant in the 7th season of the ongoing bigg boss show. Pradeep, who was expected to advance to the finals this season and win the title, was sent off halfway through with a red card. After Maya, Purnima, Jovika, Nixon, saravana Vikram, Raveena, and Mani accused pradeep of not protecting the women in the house, Kamal decided to take action against him and expelled pradeep by giving him a red card. Pradeep's dismissal without asking Kamal's justification caused controversy and became a topic of debate.
Various celebrities also voiced their voices saying that it was unfair to give a red card to Pradeep. But Kamal made it clear last week that there was no change in his decision. Thus, it is certain that there is no chance for pradeep to make a comeback on bigg boss again. It is said that even though his game is over, he is getting more and more film opportunities.
In this situation, suresh Chakraborty, a former bigg boss contestant, has been posting daily videos on his YouTube channel criticizing the bigg boss show. In that way, when he did the review yesterday, pradeep Antony came and participated with his girlfriend. suresh Chakraborty introduced her as Pradeep's girlfriend. The girl's photo is going viral.

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