BB 7 - Host Nagarjuna Scores Big with Perfect Planning.!

Sindujaa D N
It seems that the 10th week of the bigg boss season 7 elimination process is complete. The shooting for Sunday's elimination will be done on friday and Saturday. But who will be eliminated tomorrow will be known today. But according to the voting percentage, we can say who will be eliminated this week. This week's nominations include Shivaji, Yavar, Rathika, Bole Sawali and Gautham. The audience will decide which of them will go out.

Judging by the voting result, it appears that two housemates are in the danger zone this week. One of the two Rathika and Bole Sawali will be eliminated this week. It is said that Maximum will say goodbye to Rathika. Already Rathika was eliminated once and entered the house. She tried to stay close to prashant after watching the game outside if she thought that she would play the game even after re-entry. 

She also tried to be close to Shivaji. Yavar also has a strong following outside so Kalsi is with him. Even after re-entry, Rathika did not improve her game. That is why the audience could not accept her. On the other hand, Shawali is giving some great content with her songs. After all, even if she got a second chance in bigg boss season 7, she could not use it. From this week, there will be a tough competition between strong contestants.

In the remaining five weeks, who will come out and who will be in the top 5 will be known. Some who are already in the house have a strong fan base. Two or three names are heard in the race for the title winner. Let's see who will be the final season 7 title winner. As season 6 flopped, the bigg boss team is leading season 7 with perfect planning. Host nagarjuna is also a hit this season. This season seems to be the best in every way. 

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