Nagarjuna's Surprise Decision: Shivaji Becomes Week 11 Captain.!

Sindujaa D N
It is known who won as the captain in the 11th week of bigg boss season 7. As part of the captaincy task on Friday, bigg boss gave Dolls a task with contestants' photos. arjun, shivaji and gautham were there till the end in that task. But as shivaji disqualified Gautham, there was a big argument between them at that time. Gautam, however, was furious. But in the final, arjun and shivaji stood in the captaincy race.

The captain's choice this time was taken by the host Nagarjuna. Each of them was called into the confession room and asked to tell their decision as to which of the two, arjun and Shivaji, should be the captain. The majority said that shivaji should become the captain, but he himself was selected as the captain in the 11th week. The captain however gives some special powers besides not being in the one week nominations.

 While gautham was on fire on shivaji for removing him from the game, now the majority house has made shivaji as the captain. Let's see how this week will be between shivaji Housemates as Captain and Gautham. And according to bigg boss leaks, it is said that Rathika will be eliminated this week but Bole Sawali has been eliminated. 

Bole Savali, who entered the house as a songstress, impressed the audience with her song but did not show proper talent in the games. That is why it is known that less voting than Rathika. But it is said that the bigg boss team will either make Ratika safe or else her re-entry will not be fair and that's why, even though Ratika got less votes than Bole, she was safe and Bole was eliminated. 

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