She is a lesbian..!? Sensational report of the famous singer..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
She is a lesbian..!? Sensational report of the famous singer..!?
The popular singer has issued a statement explaining the comment made by singer Suchitra that maya is a lesbian. bigg boss Season 7 is going full steam ahead with no dearth of problems, but the contestants in the bigg boss house are divided into two teams and are clashing. Poornima, Aishu, Jovika, Vikram, Akshaya, and Nixon are playing together in Maya's Bully Gang. In the Small Boss house, Dinesh, Archana, and Visitra come together for problems but show their unique game. Similarly, Vishnu, Raveena, Manichandra, Kana Bala, and Bravo are playing separately and silently. Often only vishnu could be seen raging over some problem.
While maya is seen as leading a gang in the bigg boss house, this bully gang gave a red card at the hands of kamal haasan, saying that women are not safe if pradeep is in the bigg boss house, in the name of the voice of rights. While this voice of rights was said to be raised for the Kool suresh issue, it later became a women's issue. It was seen that kamal haasan expressed his opinion as a way of seeking political gain.
As many people continue to express their opposition to Pradeep's eviction... Recently, famous singer Suchitra caused a shock by releasing the information that maya being a lesbian in the bigg boss house is not safe for women. Suchitra also claimed that maya was in a relationship with a woman who worked as gautham Menon's assistant. pradeep knows this, his ex-husband has helped him a lot, and because maya is very close to Kamal, he doesn't ask him about many things.
In this regard, famous singer Swagata Krishnan has released a statement and revealed the truth. The statement said... "Suchitra's recent interview in which she has leveled vile slurs about maya is reprehensible. Maya's family is planning to take legal action against Suchitra for misrepresenting Maya's actions and making LGBTQ+ people's lives against the law homophobic. It's sad to see people throwing slanderous comments at a person who doesn't exist. Thanks to every fan and supporter who is voicing for maya in an environment where she has no awareness of the insults and injustices happening in the outside world.

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