BB Telugu: Two stars getting ready for wild card entry..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
BB Telugu: Two stars getting ready for wild card entry..!?
This time bigg boss telugu Season 7 has started with a brand new start. The team has planned season 7 differently. Another thing is that this time only 14 people entered the house. It seems that two more are getting ready for wild card entry. Currently, bigg boss telugu season 7 is going on smoothly. From the first week, the whole house is going on in excitement with loud quarrels and cries of love. But every time 16 contestants entered the house. There was a wild card entry in the middle. This time only 14 people came to the house. It seems that the field is getting ready for a wild card entry.
Currently, the contestants in bigg boss Season 7 bigg boss Season 7 telugu are not well known to most of the audience. For those who watch serials regularly, four of them are well-known. Apart from that, there are more unfamiliar data-faces in this season than in the last season. news related to wild card entry in this program is currently going viral on the net. Since many people do not know the current ones, they are thinking that with the wild card entry, some familiar data-faces should be brought. It seems that two contestants have already been prepared accordingly. Most importantly, arjun Ambati seems to be getting ready for a wild card entry. As a hero in many serials.. with a toned body. arjun has achieved a romantic image in the minds of girls. It seems that along with arjun, Supritha is also going to enter the bigg boss house through wild card entry. Sipreeta is shining as a star on social media. Not only that, she is the daughter of famous tollywood character artist surekha Vani. Not all the fuss made by the mother and daughter together in the netting. It seems that these two are likely to enter the house this week itself.
There are many serial actors. Now arjun Ambati is also going to be one of them. arjun, who impressed Star Malo by acting as a hero in many serials, not only as an actor but also as a dancer and an anchor, revealed his multi-talents. It must be said that the air of serial stars has increased in this season.

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