Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Season's first nomination!!!

S Venkateshwari
Bigg Boss telugu 7: Season's first nomination!!!


The housemates can be seen taking part in the season's first nominations task in a new teaser. Each housemate must select two other contestants who might be kicked out of the house for this task.

Bigg Boss Telugu's highly anticipated seventh season premiered with a grand opening on september 3rd. 14 contestants entered the Nagarjuna-hosted show, which marked a fantastic start. The housemates have already been able to draw the audience in after just a few episodes. However, it appears that the anticipation will reach a peak because the house is expected to receive the season's first nomination.

The housemates are seen participating in the season's first nomination task in the teaser that has surdata-faced online. According to the assignment, each housemate must choose two people who could be asked to leave the residence. The promotional video teases a nominations task with high stakes, drama, and heated arguments. Seven contestants are anticipated to receive nominations this week.

An argument between Dhamini and Shobha Shetty

Contestants Shobha Shetty and Dhamini are seen arguing angrily in yet another promo. Due to what she perceives as Dhamini's frivolous justification for nominating her, Shobha is visibly upset. A disagreement also arose between gautham Krishna and Shobha. Others chose to vote for kiran Rathore, citing her language difficulties as their justification.

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