Is VJ Archana going to divorce her husband...!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Is VJ archana going to divorce her husband...!?
Archana, who became famous through the show bigg boss, has given the shocking news that she and her husband have decided to divorce. archana became famous by hosting the show comedy Time. After getting married, Archana, who stayed away from the small screen for a few years, later made an entry as a host again. Archana, who has been hosting various shows on Zee Tamil, got an opportunity to participate in bigg boss Season 4 as a contestant.
Archana data-faced various trolls and criticism for participating in the show. Archana, who was playing along with Rio and Aranthangi Nisha, was trolled by calling the Anbu gang, saying that Anbu would win. Even after leaving the show, she was trolled on social media. Unconcerned about this, archana continued to host shows and started acting in films. In that way, archana played the lead role in the blockbuster hit Doctor directed by Nelson. Apart from this, she has started a YouTube channel and is earning through it by publishing videos. In this situation, Archana, who recently participated in an interview with her daughter Sara, gave a shock by saying that she has decided to divorce her husband.
archana fell in love with vineeth and got married 20 years ago. They also have a daughter named Zara. vineeth is serving in the Navy. As both of them belong to different fields, there were frequent disagreements between the two. Due to this, she told the shocking news that last month both of them talked about divorce and separation. After this, his daughter Zarah pacified both of them and spoke to them. After that, both of them gave up the decision of divorce and archana happily said that they are still in love as they were in love 20 years ago.

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