Kamran Akmal slams PCB for the sad state of the team..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Kamran Akmal slams PCB for the sad state of the team..!?
While fans are still reeling from the defeat of the pakistan team in the t20 world cup against the United States, the team is facing a defeat against india as well. This raises the question of whether the pakistan team will qualify for the Super 8 round. In this situation, before the start of the match against india, Suriya Kumar Yadav was challenged by the former pakistan player Kamran Akmal if he could score against their team.
However, Suriya Kumaryadav did not score a run in that match but the pakistan team lost. Former cricketer and 2009 t20 champion Kamran Akmal, who spoke in a video, said that pakistan cricket is dying. Talking about this, he severely criticized that the mentality of the pakistan team has not changed a bit. He said that during his playing days, he played in a team full of motivation to fight till the end and get the victory for the team, but now the pakistan team gives good news to the fans only once in three months.
He has scolded that all the other matches are losing. He continued by saying that politics plays a lot in domestic cricket. They focus on the players they need. The pakistan cricket Board has almost stopped conducting regional cricket and local series. pakistan cricket is getting destroyed by this. See why india is the number one team. They had 36 teams in domestic cricket. Now they have increased it to 43. Through this, many talented players will get a chance to play. But here only competitions take place. Besides, Kamran Akmal says that big teams do not participate in it.

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