Big finals, you have to support... - Former cricket player...

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Big finals, you have to support... - Former cricket player...

Prior to Sunday's indian Premier League 2024 final in chennai between the kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers hyderabad, veteran indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has identified some important KKR players to keep an eye on. In chennai on Sunday, KKR and Sunrisers hyderabad will play in the IPL 2024 championship. They hope to build on their victories in their two prior meetings with SRH this year when they data-face them at the summit. Chopra lauded varun Chakaravarthy of KKR as the IPL 2024 standout spinner.

Varun Chakaravarthy is the bowler to watch in the final, according to Chopra, who made this announcement on his YouTube channel. varun Chakaravarthy excels at turning the ball, which is his specialty. He is from chennai and has a great understanding of the field and pitch. He spins a web of excellence. This season, varun Chakaravarthy has been the greatest spinner, according to Chopra. Harshit Rana and Mitchell Starc were also mentioned by Chopra as important bowlers for KKR.

Mitchell Starc vs. Travis Head: another tantalizing matchup. Even though he might not take as many wickets as he did in the last game, you still need to support Mitchell Starc in the big finals. The slower one, bouncer, yorker, and exceptional cricket intelligence belong to Harshit Rana, according to Chopra. sunil Narine might be KKR's most important player in the championship game, according to Chopra.

"This is exactly the same. When you think of KKR, you think of the 2012 and 2014 seasons, and you think of sunil Narine's enormous role. This time around, sunil Narine is also the most important player and will be the main focus. First off, he bowls quite well, and given this pitch, you can anticipate him to perform much better, the man said. "Secondly, his batting technique. Although he was run out in the opening game and was unable to score many runs in Qualifier 1, he is still a dangerous player even though he hasn't scored any runs against this squad yet. Thus, he will need to be avoided by everybody. This team has come a long way thanks in large part to Narine. The former cricket player turned analyst continued, "If he has them up to this point, he will be in charge of moving them forward."

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