India vs Pakistan in New York going to be phenomenal, says Gayle

Chris Gayle, a former star of the West Indies, is hoping that the t20 world cup would help cricket become more popular around the world and help it enter the wealthy American sports market. Huge audiences are expected for the t20 extravaganza, which starts on june 1 and is co-hosted by the united states and Gayle's home country of the West Indies.
Speaking from Barbados, Gayle emphasised how crucial the t20 world cup is to popularising cricket worldwide, particularly in the US. He cited the triumph of a t20 competition that took place in the USA the previous year as evidence of the nation's rising interest in and demand for cricket. According to Gayle, "the ICC (International cricket Council) has been trying to get cricket on a global scale within the USA," during an interview with AFP.

At a temporary 34,000-seat facility in Long Island, New York, the match between india and Pakistan—two fierce rivals with a long history of cricket encounters—is anticipated to be a sell-out event. Gayle claims that this encounter will be "phenomenal" and a turning point for American cricket.
"I'm sure the india vs. pakistan match in New York will be incredible. The t20 event held by the USA last year was a huge success. It's a large market; all we need to hope for is that it succeeds in the US," Gayle continued.

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