Pitch invader hugs Virat Kohli, saying, "Stop bombing Palestine"...

S Venkateshwari
Pitch invader hugs virat kohli, saying, "Stop bombing Palestine"...

During today's ICC cricket World Cup 2023 final between australia and india at the narendra modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, a spectator intruded onto the field. The observer was decked up in a variety of colorful scarves and a t-shirt that read, "Stop Bombing Palestine." Once on the playing field, the invader apparently attempted to give india batsman virat kohli a hug. As security moved quickly to apprehend the intruder, kohli appeared dissatisfied as well.

This morning, november 19, 2023, at the ICC Men's cricket World Cup final between australia and india in Ahmedabad, india, a fan wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Stop Bombing Palestine," runs onto the field while virat kohli of india looks on. During australia and India's ICC Men's cricket World Cup final, a pro-Palestine protester was apprehended by security when he entered the pitch and placed his arm over virat kohli of India. After being detained, the invader was brought to the Chand Kheda police Station. He told the media while he was being held that meeting kohli was his main goal and that he supported Palestine.

When kohli was batting against Adam Zampa in the 14th over, the game was momentarily stopped. When a fan escaped the security guards and ran onto the field, india was leading 92/3 with kohli and KL rahul at the wicket. He gave kohli a hug, and the unwelcome attention clearly didn't bother him. The supporter was quickly removed off the field by security personnel who had hurried onto it while sporting red shorts and a white T-shirt. The supporter had on a mask featuring the Palestinian flag. A rainbow flag was also being carried by the man. According to reports, the pitch invader has been taken into custody by the local police. Soon after the incident, the game also restarted. During the unplanned pause, rahul and kohli talked about the events.

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