Don't know how to catch the ball..? Rohit scolded harshly..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Don't know how to catch the ball..? Rohit scolded harshly..!?
In the final match of the ICC cricket World Cup against australia, there was an incident where captain rohit sharma angrily scolded wicketkeeper rahul after he stumbled to catch the ball. Batting first, india scored 240 runs in 50 overs in a thrilling final. After this, the Australian team entered the field with the target of winning if they scored 241 runs. The new ball swung wildly in the electric light. As the ball swung well, the bowlers could not control it. So the ball went past the batsmen here and there. Only an experienced keeper can catch it properly. But KL rahul was a part-time wicket keeper so he over-performed. But a few balls went past him and bumrah bowled the last ball of the ninth over. It didn't bounce right. However, this can easily be stopped by Rahul.
But rahul failed to predict it and did not like it. As a result, the ball went to the boundary. bumrah could not believe this and covered his data-face with his hand. Seeing this, rohit sharma got angry and scolded him asking why you did not catch the ball properly when it did not rise. australia has lost three important wickets but has experienced players on the field. india can only win if they take their wicket easily.
Thus the competition is at an intense stage. Due to this, captain rohit sharma also showed his tension openly. Also, there was an incident where the builder got a bit tense and scolded while making him stand.

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