Australia created a mind game..!? Threw ball on Virat..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Australia created a mind game..!? Threw ball on Virat..!?
india and australia will host a multi-Test match in the thrilling final of the ICC cricket World Cup. The Australian team won the toss and chose to bowl first. After this, the indian team, which entered the field with the intention of playing aggressively, lost successive wickets. rohit sharma added 47 runs off 31 balls. It included four fours and three sixes. The much-anticipated kill of 4 runs and Shreyas Iyer, who has been active in this series, followed by 4 runs, the indian team stumbled for 81 runs by losing three wickets. Due to this, virat kohli and KL rahul played a responsible game to keep the wickets in hand and added runs without hitting the bounders.
Virat kohli went into silent mode as wickets go away if he bowls. At this stage, the Australian players played a mind game to annoy Virat Kohli. The ball hit by virat kohli in the over bowled by Mitchell Marsh went straight to fielder.
Then the Australian player threw the ball towards Virat Kohli. virat kohli, who did not expect this at all, tried to block the ball. This is seen as a ploy by virat kohli to make a fuss. Because now if virat kohli plays patiently and then shows action at the end, it will be great for Australia. australia is now trying to anger virat kohli and take the wicket. It is worth noting that australia always displays an anarchic game in such important games.

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