So many players in the hospital..!? World Cup will not happen..?

Sowmiya Sriram
So many players in the hospital..!? world cup will not happen..?
 The incident in which more than 15 players from various teams were injured before the world cup series has caused shock among the fans. The world cup Cricket Series in india will start in 2 weeks. The world cup cricket series will start on october 5th and will continue till november 19th. All the teams are actively preparing for this. All the teams like Australia, new zealand, South Africa, and england are playing in the ODI series with emphasis on ODI matches.
But that has caused setbacks for the respective teams. Many important players are out due to injuries. The fact that the list is more than 15 has caused surprise among the fans. Usually, the list of players who played in the last world cup is what fans are interested in knowing. But this time the matter is at the peak to the extent of listing the injured players. India's Axar patel is at the top of that list. An injury to his left finger during the Asia Cup series has put him in doubt for the world cup series. Similarly, Tim Southee, the star bowler of the new zealand team, was injured while trying to take a catch in the match against the england team. During the scan, he was found to have damage to the right thumb bone. Similarly, Australia's Travis left due to a head injury during the 4th ODI against South Africa. It has been reported that he is not likely to play in the world cup series. Similarly, it is said that Maxwell is unlikely to be included in the India-Australia ODI series starting next week. Injured Axar Patel. Why was Ashwin not selected? Can't understand Rohit Sharma! Apart from this, the status of Steve Smith, Cummins, and Mitchell Starc of the Australian team has not been reported till date. Similarly, Sri Lanka's star spinner Mahish Deeksana has withdrawn from the Asia Cup due to a hamstring injury. Similarly, the status of Hasaranga and Sameera of the Sri Lankan team has not been reported yet. Now it has been revealed that Naseem Shah, the star bowler of the pakistan team, is doubtful for the world cup series due to a shoulder injury. Similarly, the star fast bowler of the South African team, Anrik Nargiev, is also suffering due to injury. Thus preventing the players from getting injured before the world cup series has become a big challenge for the respective teams.

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