Ganguly supports the Delhi wrestlers..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Ganguly supports the delhi wrestlers..!?
  Wrestlers and female wrestlers are protesting in Delhi. The allegation is that bjp mp Brij Pushan Charan Singh, who is the President of the Wrestling Federation of India, has misbehaved with female wrestlers. Although she filed a complaint with the police asking for action against him, he was not arrested.
Various women wrestlers are protesting against this at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Players from various sports fields supported them. Apart from kapil dev and harbhajan singh, none other than kapil dev and harbhajan singh have opened their mouths in cricket. Wrestler Vinesh Phogat expressed his apprehension about this. In this situation, the former captain of the indian cricket team and the former president of the BCCI, Ganguly said, to let the women wrestlers continue their struggle. This is their battlefield. What's going on there? He has no idea what actually happened. He just read what was in the newspapers. It is his opinion that one should not say anything about a subject without complete knowledge. However, wrestlers have won many medals for their country. The issue of wrestlers who have made our country proud should be resolved soon. Ganguly said that he hope this matter will be resolved soon. Wrestlers have been protesting in Delhi's Jandar Mandar area since april 23. An FIR has been registered against bjp mp Brij Bhushan. It is noteworthy that the police have not arrested him yet.

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