The captain who defeated the captain..!? Kavya Maran happy.!?

Sowmiya Sriram
The captain who defeated the captain..!? Kavya Maran happy.!?
Kolkata team captain Nitish Rana was dismissed by hyderabad team captain Aitan Markram with a threatening catch. The kolkata team is playing against the hyderabad team in the 47th league match of the IPL series. David Visa was dropped in this match and Jason Roy was added. In this situation, the top order of the kolkata team showed a good performance as usual.
In this situation, the captain Nitish Rana - action player Ringu Singh joined the alliance. This combination played aggressively from the start and quickly raised the score of the kolkata team. At the end of 9 overs, kolkata scored 73 runs, but karthik Tyagi hit two sixes and a boundary in the 10th over.
Due to this, the score of the kolkata team increased to 95 at the end of 11 overs. With the game slowly slipping out of Hyderabad's hands, hyderabad captain Aiden Markram picked up the ball to dominate the game. In the 12th over, Nitish Rana tried to attack Markram's bowling, but Aiden Markram, who was bowling as a top edge, ran fast to long on and took a diving catch. This caused surprise among the fans. Fans are hailing it as the best catch of the current season. Seeing this, Kavya Maran, the owner of the hyderabad team, stood up and applauded.

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