'I will die...', replied Virat Kohli to the moderator's question..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
'I will die...', replied virat kohli to the moderator's question..!?
Virat Kohli's response to the referee's question about being aggressive on the field has caught the attention of many. While on the field, Kohli's passion for the competition is often reflected in the spirited celebrations he engages in. In fact, when he was leading the indian cricket team, royal challengers Bangalore, we saw him being more aggressive on the field many times. Then, we will have a question of whether virat kohli will always be like this.
 The same question was asked by Morale to Kohli. The highlight was Kohli's response. Recently on a Star sports show, kohli revealed that since his childhood, he has not had a physical fight with anyone. If someone hits him he will die (he said with a smile), if there is a fight, he doesn't know what will happen. So, he never fights, kohli said. When asked about the verbal aggression he exhibits, kohli was quick to reply verbally, he can say anything, but he is not physically capable of fighting on the field.
He also gave a funny excuse for showing verbal aggression on the field. He is being aggressive and shouts on the field because he knows it's not going to be a big fight. The umpire will stop them for sure, he said. Recently, in a match against CSK, virat kohli was fined by the bcci for his aggressive celebration when Rudraj Gaekwad was dismissed, saying it was against the rules.

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