Can we never see Dhoni's helicopter shot again?

Sowmiya Sriram
Can we never see Dhoni's helicopter shot again?
In the last ball of the match against rajasthan, when CSK needed 5 runs to win, dhoni failed to hit sandeep Sharma's yorker for a six. Let's see the reason for that. In yesterday's IPL match, the chennai team failed to score a boundary in the last minute against the rajasthan team. However, Dhoni's 17-ball 32, including 3 sixes and a four-pounder, caused celebration among the fans. Even at the age of 41, dhoni has shown fear of death to the opposition on the field and fans are praising him.
Fans are also happy that dhoni will not lose his youth. As much as it is true that dhoni showed fear of death, it is also true that dhoni choked on Yorkers. Had sandeep Sharma bowled the last-ball yorker in 2018, the ball would have taken refuge in the gallery at the Chepakkam ground. But dhoni managed to score only one run in yesterday's match. It is due to the side effects of aging. dhoni, who is 41, cannot bend too much and hit the balls. Even in yesterday's match, dhoni stood to hit the balls thrown at the stand as usual without standing inside or outside the crease. On the question of not hitting a single ball, hardik pandya would stand inside the crease in the death overs when he played for Mumbai. But now he is avoiding it after some medical treatment. The same goes for Dhoni.
It will not be easy for dhoni to play helicopter shots anymore. So bowlers who are afraid of Yorkers can now bravely watch dhoni bowl some Yorkers this season. Apart from that, dhoni entered the field with a knee injury in yesterday's match. Because of that dhoni did not try to run 2 runs even when Jadeja was on strike. So the fans are thinking that the war-torn lion is playing his last game in pain.

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