Only Mumbai team fans allowed..? CSK fans shocked..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Only mumbai team fans allowed..? CSK fans shocked..?
The news that some restrictions will be imposed at the Wankhede stadium for the fans coming to watch the match between the mumbai and chennai teams has caused shock among the CSK fans. mumbai Indians and chennai Super Kings, the two teams who have won the most number of Champions Trophies in the history of IPL, will play a multi-test for the first time in this IPL series on Saturday. Fans are also eager to watch the match at the Wankhede Stadium. But Nita Ambani's decision to increase the number of fans for the mumbai team in this match has caused a shock among the CSK fans.
Mumbai-Chennai Clash:

The match between mumbai and chennai in the IPL series is always exciting. Who will win that match as both are strong teams? The competition takes place between the players inside the stadium as well as between the fans outside the stadium. mumbai has won the IPL Champions Trophy 5 times and chennai 4 times. rohit sharma has been the captain of the mumbai team which has won 5 trophies and dhoni has been the captain of the chennai team which has won 4 times. Thus, the rivalry between these two teams is reaching new heights every year.
Nita Ambani's decision:
The two teams will data-face each other at the Wankhede Stadium in mumbai on Saturday. For that, the players of both teams are camping at the Wankhede ground and are engaged in intensive training. As chennai Super Kings fans from all over the world are flocking to Mumbai's Wankhede stadium to witness this match, Nita Ambani has booked two galleries in that stadium exclusively for mumbai fans. An order has also been placed that only mumbai team fans should be in that gallery. Fans including CSK are not allowed to sit in that gallery.

Fans are shocked:

Other team fans are shocked by this decision of Nita Ambani. As two galleries are booked exclusively for the mumbai team when they are trying hard to buy tickets and watch the match, the situation has arisen where fans of other teams cannot sit in those galleries. They will be forced to support only the mumbai team even if they have to sit there. Fans of other teams including CSK are condemning this decision of mumbai Indians.

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