Understand the cause for rise of religious tourism, in two parts...

S Venkateshwari
Understand the cause for rise of religious tourism, in two parts...

1. All religions have pilgrimage sites in India: Since the beginning of time, religion has been the only aspect of human existence. When it comes to India, the history of religious travel dates back thousands of years. Throughout history, people have embarked on difficult expeditions in search of spiritual comfort. In addition, it is said that everyone, no matter where in the globe they live, has a lifelong urge to travel to a religious pilgrimage site. In any case, all religions have adherents in India, a nation rich in ancient civilizations with pilgrimage sites connected to nearly all of them.

2. Middle Class Families: The middle class makes up about 40% of the population in India. A large number of individuals in this kind of household are unable to bear the costs associated with taking a tour; instead, they visit as many temples as they can under the guise of visiting a pilgrimage site.

See the benefits of religious tourism for the nation through the data.

Regarding religious tourism, a number was recently issued by the Ministry of Tourism. This states that the total revenue received by temples in 2022 was Rs 1.34 lakh crore. which in 2021 was around 65 thousand lakhs. 2020 was the year prior to this, when it made Rs 50,136 crore; 2019 saw it make Rs 2,11,661 crore; and 2018 saw it gain Rs 1,94,881 crore. This indicates that the rate of revenue generated by pilgrimage destinations is consistently rising. Analysts predict that the nation will soon catch up to Corona in terms of growth speed if business keeps growing in line with faith.

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