What is going to happen to old Ram Lalla?

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What is going to happen to old ram Lalla?\

There will now be four ram Lalla idols in Ayodhya's ram Temple: the 51-inch idol created by Arun Yogiraj on monday (the pran-pratistha of this idol was not chosen for the pran-pratishtha), the new idol that was placed at the sanctum sanctorum, and the old one that was there. The officials declared that every idol would stay in the temple.

The first idol of ram Lalla

The original five to six-inch-tall ram Lalla idol was rendered unreadable from a distance of twenty to thirty feet, therefore a new one was required for the pran-pratishtha. It will now be positioned so that it data-faces the new idol in front of it.

5-year-old ram Lalla 

The 51-inch statue of ram Lalla, created by Arun Yogiraj in Karnataka, is situated at the sanctum sanctorum. Its eyes will be revealed on monday at 12.20 p.m. as part of the pran-pratishtha rites. Because it best embodied the attributes that Trust members were seeking, this idol was chosen as the best of the three. They want a fusion of divinity and grandeur with a sense of innocent childlikeness.

Ganesh Bhatt's idol, ram Lalla

This 51-inch deity is likewise carved out of dark stone. The temple trust required the idol to be 51 inches in data-size in order to make it appear five years old. Vasudeo Kamath, an artist from Mumbai, sent the sculptors a sketch. The Trust stated that although though this idol was not chosen for pran-pratishtha, it will be treated with honor and respect at the temple.

Ram Lalla, satya Narayan Pandey's idol

The pure white Makrana marble from rajasthan is used to sculpt this idol of ram Lalla. The temple's first and second floors will house these two idols. All the ceremonies will be completed correctly when these idols are crowned.

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