An Inaugural Wish to Share for Ayodhya Ram Mandir!!!

S Venkateshwari
An Inaugural Wish to Share for ayodhya ram Mandir!!!

The opening of the ayodhya ram Mandir is a momentous day in history. january 22 is the day the ram temple in ayodhya will be dedicated. All central government offices in india will be closed for a half-day on this day due to the ram Lalla pran Pratishtha ritual taking place in Ayodhya. Many may use social media to share their excitement with their loved ones as they prepare to celebrate this occasion. We therefore made the decision to compile a list of best wishes that you may share with your loved ones via Facebook, WhatsApp, and other apps. To view them, scroll through. 

I pray that Lord ram will bless you on this auspicious and historic day of the grand ayodhya ram Mandir's opening.

Dhol, infinite darshan, and dhunuchi! Joy is throbbing through Ayodhya. Now let the festivities start!

The irresistible joyful mood of ayodhya is evident in the vivid decorations, rumbling beats of the dhol, and the air filled with devotion. On this auspicious day, let us revel in the glory of Shri Ram.

I'm wishing everyone a joyous celebration of Lord Ram's heavenly return to Ayodhya.

May the opening of the ram Mandir's hallowed doors herald a time of heavenly favour and cultural revival. Together, let's celebrate this day.

The road to ayodhya is illuminated by a million lamps. I hope that the ram Mandir is a place of blessings and light for you.

The magnificence of the ayodhya ram Mandir is ready for the world to see! Are you in agreement? Salutations to siya Ram.

I pray that everyone will experience peace, harmony, and spiritual enlightenment with the opening of the ram Mandir. Jai, Lord Ram! "Jai Shri Ram" chants fill the skies as worshippers swarm the ayodhya ram Mandir. An amazing sight and a memory to treasure.

honoring the momentous occasion of the construction of the ayodhya ram Mandir with gladness and sincere prayers. May this day bring happiness and prosperity to all of us.

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