KTR and Jagan who missed the posts of CM..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
KTR and jagan who missed the posts of CM..!?
- End of family rule.
- Sisters' vows that have not decreased yet.
- Did sharmila Kavitakka have love for Anna?
If you look at the families of kcr and Jaganmohan reddy, you can understand that if everyone in the family gets involved in politics, there will be trouble. Kavitha, ktr, Harish Rao, and Santhosh Rao from the kcr family have all grown up politically. Similarly jagan, sharmila, avinash Reddy, and Sunitha rose politically from YS Rajasekhar Reddy's family. Thus in two telugu states, family politics increased and the sense of pride increased. Finally, when it came to the matter of dispatches, the quarrels began. It can be said that these conflicts have broken politics. So jagan Mohan reddy missed the status of becoming cm for the second time. kcr was the chief minister of telangana twice. If he comes to power for the third time, he wants to make ktr the CM. However, it can be said that the two elder brothers lost their cm positions because of the problems caused by the younger sisters in the families. Let's try to know those details.
Generally, any girl wants the best of her elder brothers. But if you look at these families, you can understand that there is no sense of Anna, sister, mother, and father politically. YS sharmila can be said to be the main factor behind jagan Mohan Reddy's failure in andhra pradesh state. Her own sister rebelled against her brother. In the end, it can be said that the post of cm was denied. And the main reason for sharmila to do so much is to transfer assets. They decided to enter the dispute in the property till the politics. As far as telangana is concerned, the BRS party, which wanted to come to power for the third time, was hit by the Kavita Liquor scam. This seriously affected the election. ktr wants to become cm if he comes to power this time. But because of the younger sister, not only the cm post was lost but also the party was completely lost in Telangana. In this way, it can be said that the two elder brothers in two telugu states missed the cm positions due to the actions of the younger sisters.

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