France Election: The aim was to stop the anti-Muslim party!

S Venkateshwari
France Election: The aim was to stop the anti-Muslim party!

Elections were held in two big countries of Europe, britain and France. Political equations changed in both countries. When a call was made to hold early elections in france, everyone was surprised. As per the strategy of President Emmanuel Macron, wanted to garner support for his government and was trying to pull the carpet from under his opponents by stopping the right-wing ideology, but an anti-Muslim party National Rally gave him a tough time. What happened after this caught everyone's attention.

In fact, the anti-Muslim party National Rally was maintaining a huge lead in the elections. To stop it, the opposition parties adopted the same strategy as the I.N.D.I.A alliance was adopted in the indian elections. All the opposition parties came together to defeat the National Rally. After the first phase of voting in france, all the opponents forgot their differences against this anti-Muslim party.

Akhilesh also got such a victory in Uttar Pradesh

The I.N.D.I.A alliance was formed to defeat the bharatiya janata party, under which the Samajwadi party also became a part of this alliance before the elections. No political pundit in Uttar Pradesh had anticipated that the bjp would get so few seats. The bjp, which won a landslide victory in 2019, was reduced to 33 seats this time, while the SP got 37 and the congress got 6 seats.

The same was seen in france as well.

The election results in france were also similar. The right-wing party National Rally was estimated to win 300 seats, but after the first phase of voting all the opposition parties came together, after which the National assembly party won 143 seats and came third. Voting was held on 577 seats in france, out of which the New Popular Front, an alliance of leftist and centrist parties, got 182 seats, President Emmanuel Macron's alliance got 168 seats and the National assembly got 143 seats.

289 seats are required to form a government here. In such a situation, it is expected that the NPF and Ensemble Alliance will form the government together. However, this is not so easy. These people have united to defeat the National assembly, but they have many differences among themselves, due to which the possibility of forming a stable government seems to be weakening.

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