Pawan Kalyan's many years dream has come true today..!!

Sowmiya Sriram
Pawan Kalyan's many years dream has come true today..!!
*Pawan kalyan takes oath as mla in Assembly.
* pawan kalyan stood bravely till the end.
* Finally pawan kalyan stepped into the Assembly.
In the recently held general elections in Andhra Pradesh, the alliance has won an undisputed victory. It has registered a sensational victory by winning 164 seats. As part of the alliance, janasena leader pawan kalyan has won 21 assembly seats and 2 parliament seats and achieved a strike rate of 100 percent. pawan kalyan was defeated in the two constituencies of bhimavaram and gajuwaka where he contested in the last election. However, he stood patiently without getting upset. Pawan turned his politics around by forming an alliance with the bjp and tdp in order not to split the anti-government vote. pawan kalyan fought hard against the ycp party. No matter how much they trolled him personally, Pawan did not lose his grip. He stood bravely till the end.
Pawan kalyan contested from pithapuram in this constituency. In that constituency, vanga geetha contested on behalf of YCP. YSP made all-out efforts to defeat Pawan Kalyan. Also, movie stars and fans campaigned a lot on Pawan Kalyan's behalf. , mega family also gave full support to Pawan. ycp leaders have made many boast that they will not let pawan kalyan even touch the assembly gate. But pawan kalyan has won in pithapuram with an overwhelming majority. Apart from that, he has taken oath as Deputy CM. Today, all the elected MLAs will also take oath in the assembly. pawan kalyan is the latest. He took oath as an MLA. Fans have been dreaming of seeing Pawan as an mla in the assembly for many years, but that dream has come true today. Now Pawan's fans and janasena workers are very happy. Currently, it is known that Pawan should be among the people instead of being a political leader.

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