9 teachers of Bhopal suspended after going to CM House

9 teachers of bhopal suspended after going to cm House …

The struggle of 9 teachers of Madhya Pradesh's capital bhopal to stop their transfer proved costly when they reached cm House. Although they could not meet chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, but these teachers were definitely suspended. Now after the intervention of education minister uday Pratap Singh Rao, these teachers are being reinstated. On monday (27 May), all five teachers have been reinstated. The teachers reinstated after suspension have been posted in Bairasia block, 40 km away from the capital Bhopal.

When there was no hearing, they had appealed to the CM

Let us tell you, 9 teachers of the government mahatma gandhi cm Rise school of the capital bhopal had applied to the Commissioner of Public education, PS school education and other officers to stop their transfer. When there was no hearing, these teachers directly reached the cm residence. Where these teachers had come after giving the application to the officers in the absence of the CM.

The Chief Secretary had given instructions for action

When the application given by the officers reached the Chief Secretary, he had instructed the PS to take action. After which DEO Anjani Kumar Tripathi suspended 6 teachers, while collector Kaushalendra vikram singh suspended the remaining 3 teachers.

These teachers were suspended

The teachers who were suspended include assistant teachers Manju, Parineeta Malviya, Indira rani Dubey, Neelam Singh, Rajni Saini, KG Mishra, senior class teachers Amita Chhatwal, Brijesh and Kalpana Kapoor. However, now these teachers have been reinstated.

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