Water spray is being done on cheetahs too!!!

Water spray is being done on cheetahs too!!!

Humans, animals, birds and birds are all exhausted due to the scorching heat in Madhya Pradesh. To give relief to humans from the heat, water spray is being done in the capital Bhopal and other cities. Green nets have been installed at the intersections to protect from the strong rays of the sun. Now arrangements have been made to provide relief to animals from the heat too. Water is being sprayed on cheetahs in Kuno National Park. Let us tell you that last year three cheetahs died due to heat and heat wave.

This time the Kuno National Park management has become alert in view of the scorching heat. In the scorching heat, cheetahs are being cooled with water. The park management says that water spray is giving double benefit. Along with cooling the cheetahs, the trees and plants in the forest are getting water. DFO of Kuno National Park R Thirukural has also shared the video and photo of the arrangement to protect the cheetahs from the heat on social media.

Water spray is being used to cool the leopards

In the video, the forest is seen filling the drains of the forest with water. Water is also being sprayed around the leopards. Due to the water spray, the trees and plants are getting a new lease of life. There are currently 14 cubs and 11 leopards in Kuno National Park. While one male and one female leopard are roaming in the open forest. At present, all the leopards are safe. CCF of Kuno National Park, Uttam Sharma, said that these days the temperature of Sheopur is 48 degrees. In such a situation, work is being done to provide relief to the leopards with water spray.

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