Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar appealed to maintain peace...

Devendra fadnavis and ajit pawar appealed to maintain peace...

Tension arose between two communities in Beed after a video went viral. After this, devendra fadnavis and ajit pawar have appealed to maintain peace and avoid comments. The Superintendent of police said that after talking to the villagers, it was found that there is no casteism among them. Explaining the demography, he said that members of a particular community dominate the population in the village, while others from other caste groups are in the minority. He said, the Sarpanch of this village belongs to the community which is a minority. When asked about the content of the video, the SP said that the villagers had taken the decision (not to buy liquor from a particular shop) in view of some problems. Nandur Phata area. There is no casteism in this video. One person said something in excitement but the villagers did not support such a stance. The villagers are not following any such appeal. Nand Kumar Thakur said, this video is 15-20 days old. Notably, the caste conflict deepened during the campaign for BJP's Vanjari Pankaja Munde and maratha NCP (SP) candidate Bajrang Sonawane during the recent lok sabha elections in Beed.

'Such videos can harm the social fabric'

Devendra fadnavis said that he does not think that such videos can harm the social fabric. Both the communities (Maratha and Vanjari) have lived together for a long time. Some people try to create doubt among them, but such efforts will not be successful. “Sensible people from both communities should stop people from trying to divide the society,” he said. ajit pawar said that he did not have detailed information about the situation, but one should not forget that we live in a society which follows the framework of the Constitution. He said that if anyone tries to disregard it, legal action will be taken against such people.

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