TMC shared photos of EVMs with BJP tag

TMC shared photos of EVMs with bjp tag…

The trinamool congress (TMC) on saturday made key allegations against the bharatiya janata party in the context of ongoing polling for the sixth phase of the lok sabha elections. In West bengal, bjp has been accused of tampering with EVMs. The TMC has alleged that the bjp has tampered with Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) in Raghunathpur in Bankura.

TMC shared photos of EVMs with bjp tag. TMC claimed that 5 EVMs with bjp tag were found. The party has asked the election commission of india to take immediate action against the bjp . The TMC has accused the bjp of trying to steal votes by tampering with EVMs. This is not the first time that the TMC has accused the bjp of tampering with EVMs. Earlier, West bengal chief minister mamata banerjee had criticized the EVMs tampering and attacks on voters during the 2024 lok sabha elections.

TMC chief mamata banerjee accused the bjp of adopting unfair policies to obstruct the election process. On May 1, mamata banerjee alleged that the bjp is conspiring to change the EVMs being used in the current lok sabha elections. The cm of West bengal stated that they are replacing the EVMs with those that disappeared in 2019 . mamata made these allegations after the polling percentage suddenly increased in the first and second phases of the lok sabha elections.

"The figures released by the ec yesterday show that the polling was 5.75% higher in areas where the bjp got less votes. How did this number grow? Who makes EVM machines? It remains to be seen who makes the chips used in these machines. Around 1.9 million EVMs have gone missing for a long time. Wrong data was entered in the EVMs which disappeared . It is suspected that the EVMs that are being used now have been changed and those machines have been replaced," mamata banerjee said in a rally held in Malda, Murshidabad, bengal on May 1.

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