Yogendra Yadav's prediction on Lok Sabha election results

Yogendra Yadav's prediction on lok sabha election results…

In the 2024 lok sabha elections, prime minister Narendra Modi-led bharatiya janata party is likely to win more than 272 seats, Yogendra Yadav, a prominent political analyst and election results analyst, has predicted. He claimed that the opposition congress is likely to win more than 100 lok sabha seats. It is impossible for bjp to win 300 seats on its own. American political scientist Ian Bremmer also said recently that bjp will get 295 to 315 seats.

It is noteworthy that Yogendra Yadav also expressed his prediction in the same direction after political analyst prashant kishore and American election expert Ian Bremmer predicted that the BJP-led national democratic alliance ( nda ) would win the lok sabha elections . Yogendra Yadav said in a video after the fifth phase of lok sabha polling that bjp is likely to get 240-260 seats, nda allies 35-45 seats and congress 85-100 seats. He said that the allies of congress are likely to win 120 to 135 lok sabha seats.

Meanwhile, prashant kishore is facing massive criticism on social media for prophesying in favor of the bharatiya janata party . In this lok sabha elections ( lok sabha elections 2024 ), prashant kishore predicted that bjp will get 240 to 260 seats and nda allies will get 34 to 45 seats. nda will get 275-305 seats. prashant kishore said in an interview this week that the bjp will easily cross the majority mark as there is no significant dissatisfaction with the ruling party and prime minister Narendra Modi .

Yogendra Yadav predicts that congress is likely to win 85 to 100 seats. Apart from the congress , he believes that other allies in the india Alliance, who are hoping to counter the BJP's push, are likely to win 120-135 seats. congress won only 52 seats in 2019 general elections. In the 2019 general elections , the bjp won 303 lok sabha seats in the hindi heartland states with the ' Modi Wave'. If the bjp wants to win 370 seats in this election, it needs to win in states like tamil Nadu, Kerala, West bengal and Telangana

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