Sadhus and saints on the streets against Mamta Banerjee

Sadhus and saints on the streets against mamta Banerjee

There are reports of social stress and violence before the lok sabha elections in West Bengal. It has been analyzed in detail

Demonstration of saints against mamta Banerjee

In West bengal, on Friday, saints and saints have organized a big demonstration against the mamata banerjee government. The chief minister of bengal recently made a controversial remarks about the ramakrishna Mission and the Bharat Sevashram Sangh. This has provoked anger of saints. Calling the saints and saints of West bengal a bjp agent, is creating difficulties for mamata Banerjee. mamta has been accused of Muslim appeasement.

In such a situation, the remarks made on sage saints have further strengthened these allegations against mamata Banerjee. Today we will analyze the politics of appeasement and government policy of mamta government.

Muslims are accused of appeasement on Mamta

In Kolkata, saints and saints have organized a big protest against mamata Banerjee. The saints and saints have taken out a rally against the attack on the ramakrishna Mission Ashram of Jalpaiguri and then the next day against mamata Banerjee's anti-saint comment. A week ago on May 17, some unknown assailants were attacked at ramakrishna Ashram in Jalpaiguri.

The attackers vandalized many temples

The attackers vandalized 4 to 5 temples. There was resentment against this attack among the saints. The saints and saints were demanding action from the police of mamta government. After much uproar, the police also made arrests. mamta Banerjee disappointed everyone with one of her statements.

Bengal cm gave controversial statement in election rally

The next day of the attack on the ashram, there was an election rally of mamta in Jairambati in Hooghly on 18 May. mamta Banerjee said in this rally that ramakrishna Mission and Bharat Sevashram Sangh take instructions from bjp leaders of Delhi. He had politically described these Hindu religious organizations as a representative of the BJP. Not only this, he had described Kartik Maharaj, the chief saint of Bharat Sevashram Sangh of Beldanga, a politician.

Saints have become against mamta Banerjee

The talk of the head of the state has made fun of the saints. The comment has angered the saints and saints. mamta also realized her mistake, but it is a little late. Today, these saints and saints are taking out a rally against the anti-saintly mentality of mamta government.

However, this is not the first time that mamata banerjee has made anti -saints, Hindu organizations or Hindu festivals. mamta Banerjee is a chief minister whose agenda is clear.

- The state officially has 27 percent Muslims, but the real count is much higher than this.

- 13 out of 42 lok sabha seats are such, where the Muslim population ranges from 32 to 64 percent.

- The performance of sage saints is getting the support of vishwa Hindu Parishad and BJP.

Mamta has been accused of Muslim appeasement due to the saints and saints as bjp agents. Whether it is to change the traditional route of the Ramnavami procession or to tell those who take out the procession, mamata banerjee government has often seen Hindu festivals.

Mamta government has taken many disputed decisions

Exemption on Muslim festivals and a whip of rules and rules on Hindu festivals is the style of mamta Sarkar. In the year 2023, the mamta government had said that ram Navami's processions were not taken to Muslim areas. At that time, the questions arose whether the areas in india will now be seen dividing the basis of religion. In the year 2017, after durga puja, idol immersion was banned. The reason was that the next day of durga puja was Moharram. There was a lot of opposition to this too.

- CSDS, an organization conducting an election survey, conducted a survey after the assembly elections of 2021.

- In this survey, about 57 percent of the people had admitted that mamata banerjee government gives more benefits to Muslims in their state.

The Mamatamayi political thinking, which has engaged the Muslim vote bank, has made saints and saints to hit the road. Now everyone wants to take political advantage of this.

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