Don't keep your mouth shut.. Amala Paul left a scar on her husband's cheek

Don't keep your mouth shut.. amala Paul left a scar on her husband's cheek 

A video of actress amala Paul slapping her romantic husband Jagat Desai on the cheek is going viral on the internet. amala Paul is famous for acting in various language films like Tamil, Telugu, malayalam, Hindi. His last film Aadujeevidam was a huge success. Directed by Blessy, amala Paul played the role of actor prithviraj Sukumaran's wife. Following the success of Aadujeevitham, amala Paul is currently working on a malayalam film called Level Cross.

Amala Paul, who came to be a PC heroine in the cinema, got married for the second time last year. amala Paul, who was in love with Jagat Desai, married him. Their marriage was simple in the presence of their families. amala Paul's Reels videos with her husband after marriage are going viral.

In that way, the video reels released by both of them have attracted the attention of the fans. In it, amala Paul and Jagat Desai are sitting next to each other, and when amala Paul tries to speak on the video, Jagat Desai blows amala Paul's hair with his mouth. amala Paul, who has put up with this a couple of times, slapped her husband on the cheek again after doing the same.

This video is going viral on Instagram. netizens who have seen this are commenting that the fight between the two of you is beautiful. A few are showing their love by flying heart emojis. This video of amala Paul - Jagat Desai couple is trending on the internet.

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