Saint is alive only on Narmada water for 3 years

Sekar Chandra
Saint is alive only on Narmada water for 3 years…

The health of Dada Guru Bhaiya Ji Sarkar, a saint from madhya pradesh, has become a subject of scientific curiosity and research. Sant Bhaiya Ji government is surviving only on Narmada water for last 3 years and 7 months. madhya pradesh government has taken the initiative to research the health of this fasting saint. A team of doctors from Netaji Medical college, jabalpur has started investigation to know the secret of Sant Bhaiya Ji Sarkar's health. Fasting and fasting are common in Sanatan Dharma, but if one survives only on Narmada water for more than several years then it is natural to be surprised. Sant Bhaiya Ji Sarkar claims that he has been alive without eating food grains for about 3 years and 7 months. Apart from Narmada water, they neither eat any fruit nor eat any other food. Despite this he is completely healthy. Even in the scorching heat of jabalpur with temperatures exceeding 42 degrees Celsius, Bhaiya Ji Sarkar is completely healthy and travels about 15 kilometers every day.

Blood samples for testing

When the news of Sant Bhaiya Ji Sarkar's fasting penance reached the government, it came into action. Now the health department of the state government has started research on the health of this saint. The team of doctors of jabalpur Medical college formed by collector Deepak Saxena has taken blood samples of Bhaiya Ji Sarkar's body for scientific examination. Along with this, many types of tests including sugar, BP, heart, pulse rate are being done.

Bhaiya ji government will do Narmada parikrama

Also, other parts of his body have been examined. ECG and echocardiogram tests have also been done. From today friday (May 24) Bhaiya Ji Sarkar will do Narmada Parikrama in the scorching heat. A team of doctors and an ambulance will be present with them all the time during the parikrama. All initial investigations have been completed at Netaji Subhash chandra bose Medical Hospital, Jabalpur.

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