Political analysis and Ram temple...

S Venkateshwari

Political analysis and ram temple...

The simple majority is only 272 seats. If we remember the last two elections, narendra Modi's lieutenant, his second man, amit shah - he used to talk about numbers. For the first time in elections, narendra modi has given a slogan of 370 for bjp and 400 for NDA. narendra modi has reiterated this point in parliament also before coming among the public to seek his third term. The entire discourse of the opposition till now has been based on the fact that their alliance will not get 400 seats.

It is also worth keeping in mind that by the end of the fifth phase of voting, the opposition was trapped in the trap thrown by narendra modi in this psychological war. Now if the opposition is talking about 272, then it seems that it has come to its senses, although now only 115 seats are left. This was actually a psychological warfare, in which the prime minister trapped the opposition. If the opposition has been able to understand this trap of bjp and Modi in the last two phases, then it is too late.

As far as election analysts are concerned, it would be enough to just look at the past record of people like Yogendra Yadav to see how many times he has been right and how many times he has been wrong. narendra Modi's influence is on a large section of the public, which is why perhaps he has taken upon himself the task of firing the ideological cannon of 400 crosses and its results will be known only on june 4, but at the moment it is certain that Modi has gained a psychological edge. Already done.

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