Amidst the attack on Kanhaiya Kumar, his video is viral!!!

Amidst the attack on Kanhaiya Kumar, his video is viral!!!

Congress candidate from North east Delhi, Kanhaiya Kumar, was attacked during the election campaign on Friday. Regarding this, it has been posted on NSUI's social media account X that BJP, fearing its defeat, is sending goons to attack the son of a farmer family. They forgot that if Kanhaiya Kumar is not afraid of your police and dictatorship, then how will he be afraid of your goons. We will not be afraid, we will fight for the Constitution and win.

In the video posted on X, Kanhaiya Kumar, while addressing a gathering after the attack, is saying that don't send goons sir, we have seen your police and seen your jail. Try as much as you want, the blood of freedom fighters flows in our veins, we are workers of the congress Party. If you are not afraid of the British, you will not be afraid of the sycophants of the British.

Attack on Kanhaiya Kumar on the pretext of garlanding him

Let us tell you that on Friday, india Alliance candidate Kanhaiya Kumar was attacked in New Osmanpur area of east Delhi on the pretext of garlanding him. Along with this, ink was also thrown on him. The name of the accused who attacked is said to be Daksh Chaudhary who along with his partner attacked Kanhaiya Kumar.

As soon as Kanhaiya Kumar was attacked, there was chaos on the spot, the crowd present there beat up both the accused. After the attack, accused Daksh released a video saying that Kanhaiya had raised slogans like Bharat ke tukde honge hazaar and Afzal, we are ashamed, your murderer is alive. We have given him very good treatment. Meanwhile, a video of Kanhaiya Kumar is going viral, in which he is seen in public singing Sidhu Moosewala's song.

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