CM Kejriwal's big claim regarding BJP seats!!!

CM Kejriwal's big claim regarding bjp seats!!!

After chief minister arvind kejriwal got bail from the supreme Court, he is continuously busy campaigning in favor of Aam Aadmi Party. In this sequence, today on saturday (May 18), cm arvind kejriwal reached West delhi to campaign in favor of AAP candidate Mahabal Mishra. On this occasion, chief minister arvind kejriwal fiercely targeted BJP. He said that on june 4, the government of PM Modi and bjp is not being formed in the country. AAP convenor arvind kejriwal claimed that there is a lot of anger among the people against the bharatiya janata party across the country.

'BJP government will not be formed on june 4'

During his address, cm kejriwal accused bjp and said that there are lok sabha elections in delhi on 25th May and in punjab on 1st June. Before this, these people can go to any extent to win the elections. He said that yesterday I was in mumbai for election campaign. Before this, I have been continuously traveling across the country including Bhiwandi, Lucknow. Modi ji's government is not being formed in the country on june 4, get me to write.

'People are sad due to inflation and unemployment'

Aam Aadmi party convenor arvind kejriwal said that people of the entire country are angry with BJP. He said that inflation and unemployment are at their peak in the country and people are sad due to this. Regarding the results of lok sabha elections, cm kejriwal said that bharatiya janata party will get so few seats that he would not have even thought. Mahabal Mishra is contesting as AAP candidate from West delhi lok sabha seat under the india Alliance. While campaigning in favor of AAP candidate, arvind kejriwal appealed to the people and said that everyone should exercise their franchise on the election Day to be held in delhi on 25th May. During this, he appealed to the people to vote in favor of the candidate.

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