Solar storm moving towards Earth, collision may occur on this day, mobiles may stop working

Solar storm moving towards Earth, collision may occur on this day, mobiles may stop working

NASA scientists have issued a warning that a powerful solar storm can hit the Earth. This storm could be the most powerful storm after the 'Halloween Storm'.

Solar storm: Scientists have issued a big warning. Scientists believe that the coming few days may prove to be difficult for the Earth. In fact, a powerful solar storm is likely to hit the Earth in the intervening night of Thursday-Friday. Its collision can cause many changes in the Earth's atmosphere. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the effects of this solar storm can be seen in most parts of the Earth. Your electronic devices can also be affected due to solar storm hitting the Earth. There may be problems in mobile services, GPS and internet connectivity.

The most powerful storm since 'Halloween storm'

Due to this storm the sun is releasing powerful flames. These contain heavy particles, whose speed is also very fast. (NOAA) has said that this is a G2 class magnetic storm. It is being said that such a powerful solar storm is coming after 20 years. Actually, recently another storm had hit the earth, whose name was geomagnetic storm. Scientists believe that this storm was the most powerful since the 'Halloween Storm' of october 2003.

The handle of American space agency nasa sun and Space has also shared this news. He said that on May 13, a M 6.6-category solar flare (not as strong as last week) had erupted. Actually, the sun is releasing powerful flames, which contain large amounts of charged particles. Their speed has increased and due to this their number has increased due to intense magnetic activity on the surdata-face.

Internet connectivity including GPS may be affected.

NOAA's warning states that these storms can affect navigation, radio and satellite operations. Apart from this, your electronic devices like internet connectivity, GPS can also be affected. Due to the collision of this storm, a major disturbance can be seen in the equipment activated by these magnetic waves.

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