Cross voting tension for Nara Lokesh in Mangalagiri..?

Nara lokesh is one of the most important leaders of telugu Desam Party. He contested from mangalagiri seat in the last assembly elections. Since he is the most important leader of the tdp party, many people thought that he will win from mangalagiri seat. But all those expectations were turned upside down. lokesh was defeated in the elections he lost. Many people thought that lokesh would not look at this assembly constituency again.
But he has gained a lot of power in this constituency even in the last five years thinking that he should definitely win here. This time also lokesh contested from Mangalagiri. Murugudu Lavanya contested from ycp party. Contesting from the same constituency which was defeated last time, lokesh got to know the people of this region and their needs in the last five years, so he has gained good mileage in this region.
Also, although he is a key figure in the tdp party, he has been campaigning only in mangalagiri, instead of campaigning all over the state. With this, his mileage has increased. As his mileage increased, other parties will surely gather lokesh, no matter who voted for the mp seat, but the mla should be given to us, people of this area are campaigning and also widely promoting the local and non-local, so there is a possibility that cross voting will have some effect on the victory of Nara Lokesh. Some people of this area are of the opinion.

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