Sudhir Sharma's counterattack on Sukhu's allegations?

Sudhir Sharma's counterattack on Sukhu's allegations?

Himachal lok sabha Election: Sudhir Sharma has hit back at the statement of chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu. He said that it seems that the universe was created after Sukhu became the Chief Minister.  Lok Sabha elections are to be held on june 1 in the seventh and last phase for all four lok sabha seats of Himachal Pradesh. By-elections are to be held in six assembly constituencies along with four lok sabha seats. chief minister Sukhwinder Singh is visiting the assembly constituencies of Sukhu by-election. chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, who reached Dharamshala on Monday, targeted bjp candidate Sudhir Sharma. He said that he should not be called a rebel but a sold-out MLA. Rebels stay in the party.

Sudhir Sharma did not talk about development – cm Sukhu

Chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu enumerated the development works done in Dharamshala. He said, "A lot of work was done in the last 14 months. Smart city projects were approved after waiting for 10 days. Smart city projects were not progressing for the last five years." The chief minister raised questions on Sudhir Sharma's attendance in the Assembly. He said, "Sudhir Sharma used to tell most of the work over the phone. Work was also done as per Sudhir Sharma's instructions. Appointed XEN, SDM, and other officers in Dharamshala." He said that Sudhir Sharma never talked about the development of Dharamshala.

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