Nandyal - Who Holds the Muscle?

Nandyala lok sabha Constituency in andhra pradesh will have a significant influence in the politics of the state. Here famous political leaders are working tirelessly for their victory. They are taking steps above the political heights of their opponents. They are bursting with words. nandyala district has only one lok sabha constituency. 

But there are seven assembly constituencies. There is a diverse population here. Now in 2024 voters are more excited to show their voting power. As for the list of candidates for 2024 in nandyala lok sabha constituency, Byreddy Sabari from telugu desam party and pocha brahmananda reddy from ycp are candidates. The main competition will be between them only. Both are strong candidates. There is plenty of financial and physical strength. Moreover, both the parties took the victory here with pride. With this, there is a lot of excitement about who will be the winner here.
TDP invited Byreddy Sabari who was till now in bjp to join their party. It has offered to give a lok sabha seat if it joins the TDP. With this, she joined the party and entered the ring as an mp candidate. Her father Baireddy Rajasekhar reddy was a former MLA. They are a politically influential family in this region. With this, tdp brought her into the ring to increase their party's chances of winning. On the other hand, ycp thinks that welfare schemes will win them over.

The candidate from this party, pocha brahmananda reddy, has already intensified his campaign. nandyala, Allagadda, Srisailam, Banaganapalle, Nandikotkur, Don and Panyam assembly seats are included in this lok sabha constituency. shilpa Ravichandra kishore Reddy from ycp and Farooq from tdp are contesting in nandyala assembly constituency. Gangula Bijendra reddy from ycp and former minister Bhuma Akhila priya from tdp are contesting in Allagadda.

In Banaganapalle, Katasani Ramireddy from ycp and bc Janarthan from tdp stood in the fray. minister Buggana Rajendranath reddy as candidate of ycp in Don, Kotla Jaya Suryaprakash reddy of tdp entered the fray for victory. As for Srisailam, shilpa Chakrapani reddy from ycp and B. Rajasekhar reddy from tdp contested. ycp candidate Dara Sudhir and tdp candidate geetha Jayasuriya tried their luck in Nandikotkur. Arthur, the sitting mla here, has joined congress from ycp and is contesting. All the tdp candidates believe that the public opposition to the government will win them over. ycp candidates are strongly confident that the welfare schemes will help them.

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