Status of the candidates contesting on behalf of Pawan's party..!?

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Status of the candidates contesting on behalf of Pawan's party..!?
- Pawan, who was formed before Jagan, Babu, and BJP.
- 50% sure winning chance in 21 assemblies and 2 parliament seats.
- Majority of seats for Pawan party in Kosta and Godavari area.

Janasena chief pawan kalyan gave B forms to the candidates contesting from his party earlier than all the major political parties contesting in AP. Pawan mandates were given yesterday on the day of Sri Ramanavami itself. What is the status of the candidates contesting on behalf of Pawan's party? Let's see what was revealed in the india Herald surveys about who has success.
1) pendurthi - Panchakarla Ramesh Babu:
Pancahkarla who won from tdp in Yalamanchili from Prajarajyam in pendurthi in the past is strong in pendurthi this time due to the influence of the alliance. The cooperation of tdp senior leader Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy has not been much so far. However, as the alliance is strong, there are more chances of victory for Panchkar in Pendurthi.
2) Yalamanchili - Sundarapu Vijayakumar
The alliance's influence is strong in Yalamanchili. As the support of tdp is strong for Vijay, there are chances that he will also come out on the edge in the battle of Heraheri.
3) visakha South - vamsi krishna Yadav
Vamsikrishna, who was a ycp MLC till yesterday, is a Jana Sena candidate in Visakhapatnam South. Vasupalli Ganesh, who is contesting against him from ycp, won from tdp in the last election and is contesting on ycp mandate this time.
4) Tadepalligudem - Bolisetty Srinivasa Rao
Bolisetty, who had contested from janasena in the last election, is contesting this time with the support of three parties in the alliance. minister Kottu Satyanarayana is facing the age. Among the constituencies where Jana Sena has a good chances is Tadepalligudem.
5) unguturu - Patsamatla Dharmaraja
This is the only seat given to janasena Kshatriyas. This is the home seat of tdp Eluru district president Ganni Veeranjaneyu. Dharmaraju is going towards victory with the support of tdp which was a bit tight before.
6) narasapuram - Bommidi Nayakar
This is Pawan's constituency. In the last election itself, Jana Sena lost by just 5 thousand votes. This time the Jana Sena's victory was confirmed with a good majority due to the effect of the coalition parties.
7) bhimavaram - Pulaparthi Ramanjaneyulu
This is the seat that Janasena's Pawan himself contested in the last election. This time former tdp mla Anjibabu is contesting on janasena mandate. Even though there is a tough competition, Jana Sena is favored.
8) rajolu (SC) - deva Varaprasad
This is the only seat that janasena won in the last elections. This time, former IAS Devavaraprasad is here in the Jana Sena contest. This is one of the seats where Jana Sena will win.
9) tirupati - Arani Srinivas
The chittoor YSP mla has switched parties and is a tirupati janasena candidate this time. tirupati Deputy Mayor Bhumana abhinay is contesting from YCP. Even though the alliance is strong, the minus is that the candidate is non-local. There is stiff competition.
10) Nidadavolu - Kandula Durgesh
Kandula Durgesh, who was hoping for the rajahmundry Rural seat, was sent to Nidadavolu. In addition to strong opposition to the sitting mla of the ycp, the Jana Sena has an edge here as the tdp is strongly supporting them.
11) kakinada Rural - Pantham Nanaji
Pantham Nanaji has the sympathy of losing the last election. But former minister Kannababu is from YCP. Nanaji will win here with a bumper majority if the coalition votes are transferred correctly.
12) Nellimarla - Lokam Madhavi
This is a one-sided seat if given to TDP. Lokam Madhavi's cast equation is not that strong. It is said that minister Botsa's brother Appala Narasaiah is working against the ycp candidate. However, YCPK still has an edge.
13) tenali - Nadendla Manohar
Nadendla Manohar is contesting from tdp in the seat sacrificed by former minister Alapati Raja. Although Manohar has a good name, it remains to be seen how far tdp will support him. This is a seat that janasena cannot win unless the raja team supports it wholeheartedly.
14) pithapuram - Pawan Kalyan
No matter who says how much competition there is, Pawan is going to enter the assembly after winning with a good majority from here.
15) avanigadda - Mandali buddha Prasad
Buddha Prasad, a former minister in the congress and later a tdp mla, has now unexpectedly become a Jana Sena candidate. The constituency where Pawan fans and Kapus are strong.
16) Raja nagar - Balarama krishna Battula
This is a nerve-wracking seat on the banks of the Godavari. tdp candidate Boddu Venkataramana Choudhary and, tdp are cooperating wholeheartedly and Jana Sena has got an edge.
17) P. gannavaram (SC) - Giddi Satyanarayana
The seat went to the Jana Sena after tdp Mahasena ousted Rajesh. Kutami Balam and Pawan fans are all putting this seat in the account of Janasena. There is a possibility that the ycp candidate can also change here.
18) Polavaram(ST) - chiri Balaraju
Jana Sena has taken a big wrong step by taking the poll to get two st seats. It is said that polavaram is in the last list of the seats that tdp will actually win if it contests here.
19) Railway Kodur (SC) -  Bhaskara Rao Yanamala
Here the janasena candidate was changed. Since tdp is strong here, even if the seat is given to a person who is suitable for them, it cannot be said that the janasena will win until the constituency where the alliance is strong in the kadapa district.
20) Anakapalli - Konathala Ramakrishna
Senior leader Konathala has been contesting elections since 2009. He had won in Anacapalli in the past. The alliance is strong. Jana Sena has a small lead.
21) Palakonda (ST) - Nimmaka Jayakrishna
Jayakrishna, who lost from tdp in the last election, became the janasena candidate today. Although ycp has won the last two elections here, this time there will be tough competition, but I think ycp will win.
MP seats:
1) machilipatnam - Vallabhaneni bala Showry
Bala Showryis going to go down in records as the first mp from Janasena. Alliance candidates are going to win a majority of the seats in the Parliament. ycp mp candidate will definitely win here.
2) kakinada - uday Srinivas
Tengella uday srinivas of rajahmundry Rural Constituency is hoping for the pithapuram seat. But uday is contesting from kakinada parliament as Pawan is contesting there. ycp candidate Sunil, who has lost thrice in a row, may be swayed by the influence of Uday's alliance.

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