Bin Shahabuddin, Shahab is so powerful

Bin Shahabuddin, Shahab is so powerful…

Hina Shahab has lost the last three lok sabha elections by contesting on an RJD tickets, even when Mohammad Shahabuddin was alive. Now what can Hina Shahab do by contesting as an independent in 2024? However, as simple as this question may seem, the matter is not so simple. The question is about “Mother”.

The question is about “daughter”. And this is the reason why Lalu Yadav has not been able to finalize the ticket for Siwan till now whereas senior RJD leader Avadh Bihari Chaudhary has already started the election campaign, but his not getting the symbol till now says a lot. There was internal news that Lalu Yadav was once again in the mood to give the ticket to Hina Shahab but Tejashwi was against it. Hina Shahab has made it clear (as of now) that she will contest as an independent. Pappu Yadav has given him his support and Owaisi has also said to support him. From here the matter becomes complicated, due to which RJD is in a state of confusion.

It is not important whether Hina Shahab wins or loses, but she may be successful in giving a message among the minorities of the entire bihar including Siwan that the people of RJD did not do justice to her husband, and did not support him. Also, if Pappu Yadav comes out in his support and holds a rally in Siwan, then there will be a danger of denting the “Mai” equation. Then the possibility of its impact on the neighborhood also cannot be ruled out. So according to this, the election of “daughter” may also be in danger. Seeing and realizing all this, perhaps Lalu prasad Yadav is still in a state of confusion regarding Siwan (April 13) as to what to do with Siwan.

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