Sanjay Singh's counterattack - 'Reservation will end'

Sanjay Singh's counterattack - 'Reservation will end'…

A video of Arun Govil, the bharatiya janata party candidate from meerut in Uttar Pradesh for the lok sabha elections, is going viral. In this video he is reportedly saying that 'Change is a sign of progress.' aam aadmi party leader and rajya sabha mp sanjay singh has reacted to his statement.

Sanjay Singh said on social media site It is now clear that bjp will destroy the Constitution. Reservation will end. After Lallu Singh Jyoti Mirdha Anant Hegde, now Arun Govil has also said it. Arun Govil is a direct candidate of Modi ji.

In the video posted by sanjay singh, Arun Govil is reportedly saying that - 'When our Constitution was made, it changed gradually as per the circumstances. Making changes is a sign of progress. There is nothing bad in that. The circumstances at that time were different. There are some more today. According to him, if something has to be changed... the Constitution will not be changed by the will of one person... it will require unanimous consent. If something like this happens then it will be done.

BJP mp Lallu Singh had also said this

Before Arun Govil, bjp mp and candidate from UP faizabad lok sabha seat Lallu Singh had also talked about changing the Constitution. He said that in congress the government can be formed only on 272 seats but a government of 272 cannot amend the Constitution. To change or amend the Constitution, two-thirds of the seats are required. The Constitution will have to be amended because a lot of work has to be done or a new Constitution should be made. There was a lot of politics in this statement of Lallu Singh. Samajwadi party President akhilesh yadav attacked the bjp on this issue and said that the bjp wants to end the reservation given to backward classes, Dalits, and minorities and that the election commission should take such statements into cognizance. What could be a bigger democratic violation than talking about changing the Constitution?

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