What will happen in Assam and North East, revealed in the latest survey?

What will happen in assam and North east, revealed in the latest survey?

Now only a few days are left for the lok sabha elections, and in such a situation all the parties are busy campaigning. This time, while the bharatiya janata party has set a target of 400 seats for victory, the opposition parties have also decided to come together to stop the bjp from defeating Vijayarath. This time everyone's eyes are on North east in the elections. There has been political turmoil in assam regarding caa for a long time.

Violence has been going on in Manipur for a long time, the effect of this violence can be seen on 11 seats of North East. Meanwhile, congress leader gaurav gogoi has made serious allegations against BJP. He said that the bjp wants to give citizenship under caa to bona fide Hindus who have come to assam from Bangladesh. He claimed that due to this change, the condition of assam may become like that of Manipur. local people will stand against it. For example, violence between two communities in Manipur has changed the situation of the entire state. Amidst these claims of the congress leader, Times Now ETG has conducted a survey of the states of assam and North East.

What does the survey say?

According to the survey, in assam, which has 14 lok sabha seats, the ruling bjp can win 11 to 13 seats, while congress is expected to win 0 to 1 seat. At the same time, Badruddin Ajmal's AIUDF is also expected to win a 0 to 1 seat. At the same time, out of 11 seats in other states of North east, bjp can win 4 to 6 seats. According to the survey, congress may get 0 to 2 seats in North east, while others may get 4 to 6 seats.

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