TDP's Bode Prasad and YSRCP's Jogi Ramesh Lock Horns.!

Sindujaa D N
The penamaluru constituency in the joint krishna district has emerged as a battleground with prominent leaders vying for victory. bode prasad from tdp and minister jogi ramesh from the ysr congress Party are the main contenders, sparking speculation on who will emerge victorious. 

Jogi Ramesh, who secured a significant victory in the pedana constituency in the last election and subsequently became a minister in Jagan's cabinet, data-faced opposition from the district, leading to his transfer to Penamalur. However, his intervention in various constituencies across the district has drawn criticism from the YSRCP cadre, as he seems to be winning positions in multiple areas, causing resentment among other leaders. 

On the other hand, Bode Prasad's candidacy for tdp presents a formidable challenge. He previously won as mla from Penamalur in 2014, and tdp strategically merged parthasaradhi into their party, further bolstering their position. The decision to nominate jogi ramesh over other contenders like Padamati suresh Babu has created discontent within the YSRCP ranks, leading to confusion among the cadre. Jogi Ramesh's inability to connect with local activists has added to the party's woes, with former mla Bode Ramesh leading an undisturbed campaign. 

With the support of Parthasarathy, tdp stands to gain momentum in this fierce battle, as YSRCP's votes risk being divided. Despite efforts to include suresh Babu in the campaign, analysts predict TDP's stronger prospects in the upcoming elections.

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