Pawan Kalyan: Jana Sena Party YouTube Channel Hack

Pawan Kalyan: Jana Sena party YouTube Channel Hack…

The janasena party's official YouTube channel has been hacked, the party leaders have said. With this, experts were brought into the field on the cloud to fix the YouTube channel. But they found that this channel was hacked abroad. A team of experts will change the technical settings. Experts have taken steps to make the YouTube channel broadcast again as usual. However, janasena party leaders are alleging that the YouTube channel of the party was hacked with a conspiracy.

On the other hand, elections are approaching. But a campaign that the ruling jagan party is bound to lose in this election is going viral. Besides, all the key leaders of that party have queued up to join other parties. In such a situation, the ycp chief and cm YS jagan are moving forward in his style to get power again. On the other hand, many surveys have already made it clear that the victory of TDP, janasena, and bjp alliance in this election is a victory for blacks. Besides, the leaders of all the parties in the state have already intensified their campaign. As part of that, political parties are promoting their campaign through social media platforms.

However, there is a discussion that the political parties' ads broadcasted on YouTube are the reason for the transfer of power in the recent telangana Assembly elections. The leaders of the party are expressing concern over the hacking of the YouTube channel of the janasena party during the elections. They are alleging that this is a conspiracy of the ruling party.

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