TDP letter to CEC on Lokesh's phone tapping

TDP letter to CEC on Lokesh's phone tapping…

The news that the phone tapping of tdp leader Nara Lokesh's phone is causing a stir in the state. apple Company sent an email to the young leader saying that there was an attempt to hack and tap Lokesh's phone with unknown software. tdp took this matter to the attention of the Central election Commission.

TDP Former rajya sabha Member kanakamedala ravindra kumar has written a letter to the Central election commission saying that Lokesh's phone was tapped. He said that through unknown agencies, iphone messages were received that Lokesh's phone was tapped with the help of Pegasus software. Similar messages also came to lokesh in march 2024.

State DGP Rajendranath reddy and Intelligence Chief PSR Anjaneyu said that they have brought to the attention of the ec many times that they are acting as stooges of the ruling party and engaging in illegal activities. He said that the state DGP and intelligence chiefs are discriminating against the members of the nda alliance. The appointment of DGP Rajendranath reddy, who has been in charge for the last two years, is against the orders given by the supreme court in the Prakash Singh case. He said that there are many allegations against him that the PSR Anjaneyans are working as a stooge of the ruling party. kanakamedala ravindra kumar requested in the letter that appropriate legal action should be taken against those who are acting in favor of the ruling party in the context of general elections.

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