'What you eat and drink is not the issue of Himachal'?

Sekar Chandra
'What you eat and drink is not the issue of Himachal'?

Congress leader vikramaditya Singh also said, "We respect you a lot but I want to tell you that the people of Himachal have nothing to do with what you eat and drink." These are not the issues of Himachal Pradesh. My request to you would be that as a Mandi candidate you should talk about the issues.

What is your vision? What do you want to do for the people of Mandi parliamentary constituency? What did you do in times of disaster? What will be your role in the times to come? How much support did you give earlier? It would be better if you do all this."

Do not focus on meaningless things – vikramaditya Singh

Himachal government minister vikramaditya Singh further said, "Meaningless talk, which has nothing to do with the people of the state. You are wasting people's time by talking like this. I especially pray to Lord Shri ram to give you wisdom. The true issues, that relate to Himachal, are the issues of the people of that region. You should raise the issues of areas like Kullu, Manali, and Mandi Sadar. congress will also raise these issues in the coming times. Do not focus on meaningless things. This will be good for the future of Himachal. Best wishes to you. You should keep using similar terminology on the stage. jai Hind, jai Himachal, jai Shri Ram.


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